IDCA - Bridging the gap between East-Africa and the world


IDCA - Trading, Promoting, Development and Services


IDCA provides International market promoting trade relations service to Europe, Middle-East and Asian companies in seeking to explore their marketing business opportunities in East-Africa. IDCA assists companies with Market Research, Agent/Partner identification, and analysis of market conditions.

Bridging the gap between East-Africa and the world

Trading, Promoting, Development and Services

We are an agency of economic development; it means, researching and consultancy in marketing, conduct research, formulate policies and manage programs to stimulate industrial investment, trade and tourism in rural and urban areas, or to promote commercial or industrial products and services. We work side by side with the government departments, international agencies, marketing companies and associations of business people. We work shoulder to shoulder with our clients to create and operate sustainable healthy development services.

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Why “IDCA”?

Expansion of market is a major concern for any firm today. East-Africa is a market which is huge and has not been explored for business opportunities. It is also the most difficult market to approach. IDCA provides easy access for International companies in reaching prospective buyers/clients/partners in a simple, economical but effective way.

  • Kenya
  • Tanzaniya
  • Ethiopia
  • Madagascar
  • Uganda
  • South-Sudan
  • Djbouti
  • Somalia
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